If it were true, would you want to know?

I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone mentioned that there was no longer the appetite for the truth as there once was.  That struck me as both sad and dangerous territory that we live in.  Atheists now say, no only, that God does not exist, but it doesn’t really matter if he did.  With our advances in science, we have outgrown the need for God.  Both of those assertions certainly make a lot of assumptions about the truth, but most people don’t seem all that interested in validating those assumptions or even having the discussion. 

“I don’t really care” seems to be the mantra of the “meh” culture we have moved into.  For many, this seems to be the feeling for even the most impacting areas of our lives – permanence and purpose of marriage, honestly about what newborns and young children really need to build the, all important, healthy foundation in life, the meaning and purpose of sex, the reality that an infant is both human and living long before birth, or our habits to use people and love things, instead of the other way around. When we don't care about the truth, the most important things in life begin to lose their purpose and meaning.  As Bishop Barron once put it, we become a lazy lake with out the banks for truth that give the river it energy and direction.

We have all heard the phrases, “The truth will set you free,” and, “To thine own self be true,” many times, but how much do we think about what they mean and live them out?  Jesus said, ”I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  As we busy our lives with worry, Netflix, travel games, and things, are we missing the entire point of life by not taking in this incredible statement seriously?  Do we simply ignore it for those things in life that can never satisfy?  If God is true, is it even possible that the answers in life could come from any other source?  Is it possible that we can come to know our true selves or purpose if we don't acknowledge the truth about our source?

Take a few minutes each day to ask yourself what really matters in this life, and if we are readying ourselves properly for the next.  Are our ideas and plans actually getting us closer to the truth, to God, to others, and to our true self, or might it be possible that the plans we were made for are actually better?  Think about the things you believe to be true, and then ask yourself how you reached that conclusion.  If you find yourself not really caring to know, ask yourself, “How is it working out so far?”   If you find yourself not sure or not believing in God or Christ, ask yourself, “If it were true, would I want to know?”  This may turn out to be the most important question in your life that you answer truthfully.  It may leave you on a path that you will never regret.